stc89c52 and linux – part 2

Hey folks, I tried another program to upload my controller, stcisp, and it did work!!

Mini dev board

Mini dev board

Andrew, the creator of stcdude also talked to me and asked me for some logs, ok the dump is here!

Anyway, to use stc-isp, from van9ogh was also straight forward. I cloned the git tree, and compiled, that’s it.

git clone
cd stc-isp

After that, just upload yout ihx file.
./stcisp -f ../stc89c52/teste1/teste1.ihx

The only trick that I have to use on my controller, was to use the socket to unplug my controller, in order to give a cold reset. It started loading and finished ok.

The program was compiled using sdcc, and also using the mc8051ide as ide. You can only use sdcc, off course. The links to that products are on the First part of this post.

That’s it!

Thanks to Andrew for his attention, if he goes ahead and analyse my dump, I will be testing it, for sure.

I,ve made a small blink led program, using Micro C tool, it was really easy, and compiled ok, noe I am doing some search to see how can I program the chip, as I told before, there is an Arduino project. Let’s see…

Ricardo Pecanha