Recovering an Olimex Olixuino board.

A friend had some trouble in his just bought Olinuxino, an interesting and resourceful Open Hardware board. The official site is at Olimex.

2013-01-26 15.13.45

Well, the Linux was ok, Linux boots from an SdCard on a small slot at the board. There are some description on how to do that, like this link. The board also have a Lcd module, to connect it, use an old IDE cable ( without the blocked pin ).

On this particular case the Android did not complete the boot, so I had to reflash the Android, here is what I did:

I downloaded the tool, Livesuite, from this link. After you download move it to a folder called LiveSuite. When you run the executable pack file, it opens several other, including the LiveSuite executable.

After that, download the Android image, I used sun5i_android_a13-evb800x600_VGA_EN_SD.img, available at the Olimex site.

Then disconnect the board, in case you did that before and run Livesuit. Inform the image you want to flash. Then, with your board disconnected from power or usb, press Home ( a small buton on the board ).
Then connect the power and the Usb cable. Windows will ask you to install the driver, say no, and choose the local path option, and point to your folder ( look for driver in subfolders ). WIndows will install your driver. Press the update button on Livesuite and wait to complete. NEVER INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS! You can brick your board.

Livesuit Screen

After that, it´s ready to use! Reboot your board and have fun!

2013-01-26 15.36.32
Android screen

2013-01-26 16.00.22
Linux login

That´s all, folks!