PIC 16F819 – First Try

I just bought some pics, and I will try now to use them on windows, of course only with free and unlimited tools.

I already made some search, and again, I bumped with SDCC compiler. Let´s see if I can initially blink a led.

As I have no board at all, it means I need some way to load the program. Since the pic came in no board, I will have to put one in some breadboard. Let me find some simple way to mount it…

Help is welcome!



Let’s see if I can use this as a programmer… Until my programmer arrives from mail…

Arduino pic programmer

First, I have to look at the pic16f819 datasheet It is at Microchip site, To make things easy form me I will start downloading the free edition of Microchip compiler, and install it.

Pic16f819 pinout

Pic16f819 pinout

Update 25/2/13, I borrowed a programmer picflash2, and successfuly run my hello world blinkled sample.

I installed Mikro C, and Micro Programmer software, the installationg is pretty simple. After that install the provided drivers for picflash2. The device is promptly recognized. Now you just need to download the Hex file.

I generated a simple hello world sample, ( bellow ) and loaded this on my pic.
I had to assemble a little test board, to connect a led.

Ready to project now!

The circuit is: ( using CrcuitLab )

Program ( using Micro C )

void main() {

// digital I/O
TRISA = 0b111100000 ; // all PORTA as inputs
PORTA = 0x0 ; // clear PORTA
PORTA = 0xff ;