STC89C52/51 Mini System Development Board 51 MCU For STC AT89S52

I just bought a small development kit, based on 89c51 chip. I already used this chip back on my college. But so many years ago. So I will now start to research for compilers and tutorials, to finally start doing projects.

Thats the board development kit

I will log whatever I find out here, help is welcome!

Mini dev board

Mini dev board

I found this IDE MCU 8051 ide

30/1/13. So far I was able to compile a small c program, i will try to load it, to see what will happen. First have to figure out how to program the board….

I will give a try with extreme burner Avr, let’s see what happens…
extreme burner Avr,

Extreme burner Avr screenshot

Extreme burner Avr screenshot

2/2 The extreme burner will only work if the chip is an av89s52, so I had to look for another programmer.
still strugling with this board. I downloaded a stc programmer but could no upload any program. My develop board does not have the serial interface and the stc program could not connect with the stc cpu.

I found a pretty nice tutorial at a blog space, and tried to follow it, but so far, nothing
This is the link mcudreams

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